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New products!!

Fri, May 14, 2010

Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. has launched several new formulations to complete our categories in bone & joint health, pain and inflammation, respiratory health, digestive health, and vitamins and minerals.  

AntiFlamXTM was created as a liquid formulation to address pain, muscle strains and inflammation due to injury or illness such as arthritis. An all natural herbal formula, AntiFlamX is sweetened with stevia and may be taken straight up or mixed with a favourite beverage. No need for more pain pills!

Cal-Mag PlusTM is the new name of a product formerly called MultiMin, and a new liquid version of Cal-Mag Plus has been added to the group which already includes a powder and two sizes of capsules. Containing the recommended daily doses of calcium and magnesium, Cal-Mag Plus also contains trace minerals often lacking in other cal-mag formulas.

SinewPlexTM is a powder formulation containing Hydrolyzed Collage, B vitamins, and a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to be taken for optimizing repair and maintenance of connective tissue.

Vitamin D3 Concentrated DropsTM is based on our best-selling liquid Vitamin D. Now available as 1000 I.U. per drop, this new concentrated formula is still the best quality of vitamin D3 available, has a pleasant taste with a natural orange flavour, and will sell at a price that consumers will love.   

Omega Alpha recognized that there were very few natural health products to help improve respiration. With the launch of RespritTM consumers now have a superior respiratory formula for COPD and relief of symptoms of allergies that affect breathing.

An addition to the line of digestive health products is Ultra Probiotic PlusTM which features probiotics, 8 different probiotics, and fibre in a psyllium-free capsule formulation.

Other new products include a new concentrated capsule version of Veggie Fruit PlusTM our popular greens formula; and new larger sizes of pet health products Probiotic 8 PlusTM, HA-180 and Agility ProTM.