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Effective Supplements Through Science
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Consumer Information


family on the beachDear Consumer,

You and your family’s health are important to us. It is why we are in business in the first place! (Please see our mission statement to read our formal declaration.)

In 1992, our founder, Dr. Gordon Chang, incorporated Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals as a company intent on manufacturing health and beauty products for Canadians. As a natural health consumer just like you, Dr. Chang felt that there was a lack of science and research behind many products available for sale, and with a lack of natural health legislation in place to ensure the safety and efficacy of many supplement products back then, he felt there was a definite need to provide Canadians with EFFECTIVE SUPPLEMENTS THROUGH SCIENCE.

In the natural health community of the early 1990’s in Canada and elsewhere, the word ‘pharmaceutical’ was anathema to most consumers who were weary of over-the-counter and prescription drugs that sometimes had side-effects worse than the symptoms they were intended to treat. Yet many supplements available then (and still today) contained additives, fillers and excipients, and non-standardized ingredients, and well, who-knows-what-else since there was no government-sponsored or any other organization to review these remedies and ensure these products would do what they claimed in their marketing. Dr. Chang insisted on the word pharmaceutical in our company name to let consumers know that we are (and always have been) manufacturing to pharmaceutical standards.

Against the prevailing tide, Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals was created and licensed by the Canadian government to manufacture all-natural, herbal and vitamin/mineral formulations AT PHARMACEUTICAL STANDARDS which at the time was pioneering for a supplement company. In 1992 if anyone knew the acronym GMP they may have thought it stood for General Management Plan.


Dr Gordon Chang

(Our CEO, Dr. Gordon Chang)


Doesn't it make you feel better to know that Omega Alpha has been manufacturing to pharmaceutical industry standards since our inception in 1992?

Although our company name is still Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc., and since our competitors now have to manufacture to GMP pharmaceutical standards as well, we don’t have to stand out from the crowd waving our “pharmaceutical” moniker anymore. You can just refer to us like our friends do, by our more familiar name – Omega Alpha.

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