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Testimonials for E-Z Rest™

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Testimonials for E-Z Rest™
It really works! - December 13, 2013
Reviewer: Sandra, Ottawa, Canada
We have a 10 year old shih tsu male that has over the years developed many fears. It started with thunder and lightening, then expanded to rainfall as this was associated with the thunder. Eventually any loud noises - large trucks,planes and fireworks sent him into a frenzy of barking, shivering and general panic. We purchased pherenomes and a thunder jacket, designed to alleviate stress. The jacket worked somewhat but the barking and general anxiety continued. Our family suffered many sleepless nights and my husband was in a terrible state as he must be up at 3am for work! We read many articles and followed their advice, particularly increasing exercise and engaging him in more play activities. Nothing seemed to work! We were all exhausted by Teddy's behaviour. This winter he included a new phobia - the snowplows! Since we live in an area of much snowfall and near a main route this is most evenings. We were nearing the end of our patience and health issues were arising due to lack of sleep. A co-worker mentioned E Z Rest to my husband. After she had moved her dashound had became so anxious and upset that the city by-law officers visited her home after her dog had barked for 8 straight hours while she was at work. After administering E Z Rest the dog discontinued this behaviour. We immediately went to the pet store and purchased a bottle. After giving Teddy the proper dosage we noticed how relaxed he became. That night was the first night in over 2 weeks that we slept without an incident of panting and barking! I only gave him the E Z Rest at bedtime and the change was amazing. He did not pace and react to the garbage trucks that day. I want to thank you for saving our sanity and our beloved pets too! I will recommend it to other pet owners who have the same problems.
Charlie - October 23, 2013
Reviewer: Donnie, Sidney, BC, Canada
My 13 year old dog Charlie, a Lhasa Apso x Shih Tzu, has an extremely enlarged heart. Due to this he has a bad case of fluid in his lungs, and has a cough that was getting worse by the day. It was at the point where he was coughing more often than not, and I was contemplating putting him down. The main source of the cough is due to his excitable nature, he goes crazy anytime I come or go, anytime he sees a cat, basically any form of exercise or excitement was causing him to have a bad coughing attack. He also has extremely bad separation anxiety, and most days when I go to work he will pee and/or poo in the house. Since I've started him on E-Z Rest and LungTone(to try to clear his lungs of fluid), it's night and day. The E-Z Rest has helped him relax, he's a much calmer dog, and he has only had an accident inside once since the treatments started (A week or so now). His coughing has probably gotten 70% better or so, as well. I'd highly recommend either product to anyone with a nervous/anxious dog, or with medical issues like Charlie.
Helping Lucy - October 08, 2010
Reviewer: Rachel, Ontario, Canada
We got Lucy when she was almost three years old, so I don`t know when and where the stress started but garbage day is a horror in our house. She can hear the trucks when they are still streets away, she pants, shivers, whines and runs from room to room in a panicked state. She won`t go outside or eat but wants to go down into the dark basement. I gave her E-Z Rest this morning for the first time and can`t believe the difference. She is actually laying on the couch calmly. She is still listening for the sounds of the trucks and very attentive to them but not stressing out over it. She actually even ate a treat my son gave her, which would never happen before. I am really shocked at how quickly it worked and so happy for Lucy, Thank You OA.
E-Z Rest Used for Dog"s Palliative Care - July 31, 2010
Reviewer: Elizabeth Stuef, Powell River, BC
I started using E-Z Rest to calm my dog down whenever there were firework displays in my town. E-Z rest helped Millie greatly. Her level of anxiety was lowered and she was able to stay in the same room as us. Before that. she used to run wildly from room to room looking for a safe place. It would take us hours to help her relax afterward. E-Z Rest had a taste that Millie liked, so giving it to her was no problem. She licked it right up. Sadly Millie has passed away due to heart damage. She was thirteen and ahalf years old. She was a German Shepherd/ Ridgeback cross who enjoyed life to the fullest. I used E-Z Rest to keep her calm at night, as her condition had made her restless and caused separation anxiety. It made her last days a little easier. Thank you for this wonderful medicine. I have recommended it to my friends who have dogs and cats.
Calmed down our Shamus - October 02, 2009
Reviewer: R. Prawdzik, Mississauga, ON
Shamus, our rescue Sheltie that we adopted, has had 3 surgeries on both ears to clear infections and polyps. The last surgery was very painful for him and the vet put him on codeine (for pain) but I knew he was (still) in pain and was having a hard time getting the rest he needed to recover. I decided to offset the codeine with E-Z Rest and it was amazing how much it helped him. I have recommended these products to many friends with great results for them as well. Thank you Omega Alpha!