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問: 公司地址?

答: 地址是795 Pharmacy Avenue, Toronto, ON  M1L 3K2.  請 按此處 看詳細地圖.



問: 為甚麽不生產藥片而生產膠囊?

答: 藥片含鹽酸,有些人缺乏分泌鹽酸的能力.在此情況,藥片可能無法完全溶解,那便無法完全吸收.而膠囊可完全在水中溶解.生產藥片會產生大量的熱量,這熱量可能會損壞製成品.


問: 為甚麽在你們的液體狀產品中佔了一定數目?

答: Liquid extracts are more easily absorbed in the digestive tract. Bulk herbs must first be broken down to extract the active ingredients from the herb, which can then be absorbed from the digestive tract into the body. Humans do not have the enzymes that breakdown the plant cell walls, thus we can only obtain a small quantity of the active ingredients if we have to digest the raw herbs. Liquid extracts contain larger quantities of active medicinal compounds than other preparations. The process of manufacturing powdered extracts is very expensive. Thus the amount of active compound placed into a capsule may not contain the same amount of active ingredients as a liquid preparation. Lastly, liquid preparation methods have been well tested over centuries. In all societies medicinal herbs were usually prepared as a liquid preparation. The history of the effectiveness of the herbs is based on liquid herbal preparations.


問: 我對一些草本味道不太喜歡,有甚麽建議?

答: Many liquid herbal preparations at first do not taste good. However, your taste buds adjust quite quickly to the taste. (For example, there are very few people who enjoy the taste of beer the very first time it is tried. With time and repeated exposure these same individuals often come to crave the taste of beer.) One can mask the taste of liquid herbal preparations by adding them to fruit juice such as apple juice. Dilution is not an issue because the dosage of the liquid herbal preparation consumed remains the same whether it is diluted. Try adding any liquid extract to about a ¼ cup of your favourite juice; drink it, then follow with more juice and you will find that liquid extracts are not that bad AND you will be assured to absorb more of the active ingredients.



問: 貴公司有否生產念珠菌排毒配方?

答: Para-Rid works on the Candida albicans fungus and can be part of a protocol to cleanse the digestive tract of candidiasis. Follow label directions carefully.

問: 我有一個脂肪肝增大現象,鐵質的水平亦稍高:此外,還用錯一些處方在結腸炎的症狀中,一大推問題想得到幫助,請問護肝寧能舒授   我的情況嗎?

答: Yes, this product can help with an enlarged fatty liver.

問. 飲用護肝寧有否副作用或與其他藥物相冲?

答: Herbal products are in general very safe. There aren't any documented studies or oral reports showing any interactions between drugs and Liver Flush.

問: 當我飲用排毒產品時是否不可喝酒?

答: In general alcohol stresses the liver. While Liver Flush and our other Flush products will not adversely interact with alcohol, the consumption of alcohol could potentially worsen existing problems depending on the quantity and frequency of consumption. 

開: 我最多可以飲用多少排毒配方?

答: Liver Flush is very safe to use. There is no established maximum dose with the use of Liver Flush although 1 to 4 tablespoons per day should be sufficient for the average adult in good health.

問: 如我想試用養肝寶,甚麽時候最適當.用了護肝寧大約一個月,用完還是同時用?

答: Liver Plus may be used in conjunction with Liver Flush because its primary effect is to support the liver by providing antioxidants that target the liver.